Jan 15, 2015

The Dreamers Lotus

The Dreamers Lotus
by Mike Dickenson

Book: Lucidity #1

Publisher: Commonlink Productions 
Pub Date: Nov 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Print
Source: Author
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In a world where everything is symbolic, a young outcast followed by crows knows that not everything is as it seems. Corvus believes the Elders have corrupted the meanings of the symbols for their own gain, but who would believe a boy followed by dark omens? A brave girl, his only friend, convinces him that his truth awaits him in the forest, for that is where the crows come from… No one enters the forest alone. It is a mysterious land of madness and illusions – a place where animals talk, a prison where banished villagers survive, and a darkness so convincing that a person’s fears can manifest without warning. A beautiful lotus, born out of a dream, has the potential to light the way to the true meaning of existence. Corvus must consume the hallucinogen not only for himself, but also for the world he belongs to. If the villagers don’t awaken from their illusion soon, the murder of crows will transform the village, and the forest, into a waking nightmare.

My Review: Well Corvus is a cool guy, who happens to be followed by a group of crows. So he needs to figure out why, then becomes and outcast, then has to deal with his powers. Seems easy enough right? 

So his friend tries to convince him to visit the forest. If thats where the crows come from then maybe he can get his answers there. Well you see, no one really goes into the forest. Its not safe and who knows if he'll stay safe and be able to take care of things before the village is taken over by the crows. Well nothing really comes easy, so Corvus works at being an outsider and at his powers and eventually progress is made and hopefully soon he will have it all figured out. 

I like how the lotus was brought into this story. Its a very beautiful flower and I've seen it mentioned in books as that. I liked seeing how it was written differently in this book, and if you like how its used as a hallucinogen, you should see the Percy Jackson movies.....

Anyway, I  really liked the writing in this book. It was simple and easy for anyone to read. You get a lot of detail without it being overdone and make you lose interest. The story is unique and easily sucks you in until the end. I can't wait to see how things go in the next book!