Jan 25, 2015

When She Smiled

When She Smiled
by Ritoban Chakrabarti

Book: StandAlone
Publisher: Ritoban Chakrabarti
Pub Date: Nov 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Mrityunjoy Roy is a fifteen year old Bengali who has spent the last ten years of his life growing up in Shimla. While his family is completely academically oriented, he wants something more. 

Finally he meets Akanksha in school, who turns his world upside down with her gorgeous looks and mind boggling smile. 

As fate would have it, she joins his tuition, and thus begins the torrid year of puppy love, romance, heartbreak, tragedy, and self discovery. 

Set among the scenic Shivalik hills of Shimla when mobile phones and internet were non-existent, this is a story of how an average young teenager comes to terms with his destiny.

My Review: Don't give up. Don't give up is what you will get from this story. I know everyone has had some moment where things just get bad and it never seems to get better. You will read about things like that in this book. You can either feel worse about it and things will go to crap. Or you can stand up and work to make things better and end up on top of the world. 

So I like/hate that. I like the idea, but its not the first book I've read with it. Then there were some parts I didn't like. However, it wasn't enough to make me not enjoy the book. 

Roy is this guy who I didn't like. He saw Akanksha and falls for her. His world doesn't exist anymore. All he can see is her and falls for her. I thought it was too much for someone at 15. Still seems a bit young to me, I mean how many do you see going on a journey for himself and learning about love. But then again this is set in India, and things may wokr differently there. 

Now onto Akanksha. She is lovely and you think would have an attitude to match. Well nope, her attitude was horrible. And there were times where I just wanted to yell at her. 

Then there was the whole dav school thing. I am glad I didn't go there. Not only is what they do there wrong, but if a teacher ever tried anything with me, well I would totally put them in their place. Then again, there aren't schools like that around her. 

Overall, the story was written well and the author did a good job. However if I was in a place like that, I would have lost my mind. 

My Rating:

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