Jan 13, 2015

Wild Violet

Wild Violet
by Vivian Winslow

Book:  Gilded Lily #7
Publisher: Vivian Winslow
Pub Date: Jan 2015
Genre: Adult
Format: eARC
Source: Author
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Wild Violet is the first installment of The Vi Trilogy of the Gilded Flower Series. Appearing in The Lily and Dahlia Trilogies of the Gilded Flower Series, Violet Rai, or Vi, is Lily and Dahlia Baron’s sharp-witted BFF, who is always up for a party and a hot guy. But, in The Dahlia Trilogy, there are hints that Vi’s world is quickly coming apart, and her dark secret is about to be exposed. 

In this flashback story, Vi, the strikingly beautiful daughter of an Indian business magnate and English supermodel, is enjoying a privileged lifestyle in New York City while a college student at NYU. Yet, in her senior year, Vi learns that her strict and traditional father intends to force upon her an arranged marriage and a career working for his conglomerate in Dubai. When Vi is paired with sexy Spaniard, AndrĂ©s Costas, in her ballet class, not only does she find herself falling for him, but he introduces her to a shockingly different world—one that offers her the prospect of escaping her father’s plans, but at a price. 

My Review: Another book by Vivian! We had Lily's story, Dahlia's story and now its Violet's turn. I have no idea how Vivian does it, but she manages to keep writing up some awesomeness.  

Okay so, we know Violet as the best friend of Lily and Dahlia, but now we get to really know Violet. She is an amazing lady and will be there for anyone, as we see through the other books. But now her personal life is starting to be revealed and now I can see why she had these secrets and I got a better insight on her. It just makes you love her even more. I wasn't expecting some of the things I read, but it all just makes for a great story. After all these books, its like these girls are a part of your life.

The steamy scenes we know are still there and Vi has an attitude that I love. Her keep secrets and telling people things like it is, reminds me a lot of myself and that always helps when reading. You can feel eve more for the story/character.

Anyway, Vivian has done it again and I can't wait to read more about Vi's story. 

My Rating:

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