Feb 17, 2015

Light of Lorelei

Light of Lorelei
by Jen Minkman

Book: Tales of Skylge #2
Publisher: Jen Minkman
Pub Date: January 10, 2015
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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There is no light without shadow,
no truth without sacrifice,
and no way to keep us all from harm.

Aska wants more out of life than being a temple girl in the St. Brandan Convent of Brandaris. Her life-long service to the Baeles-Weards is the only reason she wasn’t killed immediately after birth – she is atoning for the sins of her parents. Her Anglian mother and Skylger father were never supposed to love each other and have children, and Aska is reminded of her low status and illegitimacy by her fellow temple girls every day.

But then she meets Tjalling, a young, mysterious, and charming Skylger fisherman who doesn’t seem to care that he is not supposed to befriend her. Soon after they meet, the island falls prey to the largest Siren attack in the history of Skylge and Aska is beginning to doubt the wisdom of the priests. If the Light in the Tower really keeps the people from harm, why are the Shriekers taking more and more lives each day?

Adding to her inner turmoil is a secret meeting with Royce and Enna, who want to recruit her into their resistance movement, an unexpected confession from her best friend Melinda, and Aska’s realization that she likes Tjalling a bit too much for her own good.

Soon, she is going down a road there is no turning back from, forcing her to make choices that shake the foundations of her world.
For Aska, there is only one true choice – to bring the truth to light.

My Review: Before I start, this book has a different main character and is on a different part of the island. Just in case you were expecting a quick pick up from the lat book. But still worth the read.

Well, no matter what, there will always be a group of mean girls. Aska is a good person, though this temple life isn't her type of thing and just wants to be out. And the girls who are supposed to be all nice and full of grace, are just plain mean to her. But no matter what, she has her strong will, and doesn't let things take her down.

Aska comes across a fisherman. Tj, who is a mystery at first, but a good guy. He really shouldn't make friends with Aska, but doesn't care and does it anyway. Aska comes to like him, though its sorta at a bad time. The light that should keep everyone safe, isn't doing it. Live are being lost, and well, it makes a lot of people look bad. Since they were told the light should keep them safe and all.....

Of course as many of you know, I sorta may kinda love Jen's books. Her writing rocks. And this is just another awesome book. Aska is going on my list of favorite characters. I loved that this book was about another character. Gives you another view of this world and was done well. And the story picks up at the perfect spots and you just can't put it down! 

I can't wait to see whats next!