Feb 23, 2015

Lucy Dakota

Lucy Dakota:Rocky Mountain Beginnings 
by C.S. Shride

Book: Adventures of a Modern Explorer #1
Publisher: My Piece of the Puzzle
Pub Date: May 2011
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Print 
Source: Publisher
Book Links: Goodreads  Amazon 

Lucy Dakota is a typical teenage girl: confused yet intelligent, unhappy with her lot in life yet full of vitality and enthusiasm. Troubled by rocky relationships with friends and boyfriends, she finds it hard to fit in at school until she's invited to join an adventure scouting club and starts exploring the natural world. Her first adventures take place in the backcountry of her home state, Colorado, where she discovers her more daring side, as well as the young woman she is becoming. Join Lucy as she transforms from a timid, chubby tween who hides from school bullies in her teacher's office to a brave, spirited, globe-trotting leader on the hiking trail and beyond. This exciting new adventure series for young adults is sure to encourage readers to discover their strengths and take on the world, whether at school, home-or, like Lucy, skipping across the continents. 

My Review:  OMG I love Lucy! Like I got a great story with relate able points. If you ca relate, then it you know you are about to read a good book or want to toss it across the room. You know the usual bookish problems. 

Lucy has boy trouble, trouble with friends, and just life in general. Pretty typical teenage stuff. She goes to school, is slightly on the chubby side, and deals with bullies. So being happy and finding herself seems pretty hard right now. But that will soon change when she goes on a school trip. 

She goes to the back-country of Colorado. She is just going to explore the world and see how things go. It was sorta like a getaway from her life for now. She wasn't expecting to find herself. But I;m glad she did. Its  hard thing and happens differently for everyone. For Lucy, it just happened to be while out in nature. She finds out a new side of her and it was just wonderful to see her become happy and empowering. 

I really enjoyed  the story and seeing Lucy grow. Its an awesome book and so worth the read! 

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