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D. E. Wyatt presents his debut fantasy novella, No Good Deed... (132 pp., paperback). When a simple job to recover stolen Church property does awry, Elsabeth Soesten finds a good deed has rewarded her with more than she bargained for when she’s drawn into a conspiracy surrounding her employer, his church superior, and the local baron.

No Good Deed... draws upon D. E. Wyatt’s studies of Western Martial Arts, and presents a low fantasy swashbuckler with a focus on the reconstruction of Europe’s cultural arts, set in a world inspired by mid-15th Century Western Europe.

No Good Deed... was released on October 26, 2013, and is now available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble, in both print and electronic formats.

A little peak into the world.....

“ If we survive this,” she muttered, “remind me to kill you.” 
Elsabeth might have found the morning enjoyable. The sun hung high in a clear blue sky, and a warm midsummer breeze carried the rich and fragrant smell of turf through the widely-spaced trees of the wood. Columns of golden light pierced the ceiling of greenery overhead and dappled the road, where lichen, brush, and trailing vines clung to the trunks of the trees. Here and there she caught the silver glint of sunlight on the strands of spider webs, and the grove was alive with the singing of birds. 

About D. E. Wyatt 
D. E. Wyatt was born and lives in St. Louis, Missouri, where he currently works in IT. He is a student of Western Medieval Martial Arts, and a lover of history and fantasy. When not working or writing he enjoys building computers, video games, and 3D modeling.
No Good Deed... is his first published work of fiction.

D. E. Wyatt
Email: ambaryerno@yahoo.com
Website: http://dewyatt.net

Twitter: @D_E_Wyatt
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