Feb 20, 2015

Onyx Webb

Onyx Webb
by Andrea Penton and Richard Waltz

Book: Episode 1: The Story Begins
Publisher: Lust for Living
Pub Date: October 2014
Genre:  Young Adult
Format: Print
Source: Author
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Best-Selling Authors Fenton & Waltz Welcome You to the World of Onyx Webb. 
One reviewer says, "Fabulous. Different. Odd. Crazy. Wonderful. I've never read anything like it. You've created great value and I adore your pithy quote-ables all over the place. You've created the weirdest, coolest new genre of fiction and I love it." 
- It’s June, 1980 and piano prodigy, Juniper Cole is on the way to her senior prom.

- It’s January 2010, and Koda Mulvaney has blown through his 20 million dollar trust fund and is told by his father to return home and get to work.

- It’s August, 1904 and little Onyx Webb is on her way to the famous World’s Fair in St. Louis with her father, Catfish.

Two of the three will see a ghost, one will become a ghost and everyone will learn that life is hard to let go of even when you’re dead. And that's just Episode One. A paranormal suspense, supernatural romance, with a dash of historical fiction, Onyx Webb is what author Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz have called creep-spiration. The stories may haunt you, the darkness may disturb you, but ultimately you’ll be reminded to treasure every moment of your life because… If you think life is precious now? Just wait until you’re dead.

My Review: When reading this book, I noticed that the time period jumps around a bit, but it was actually done well and went just fine in the book. Which isn't an easy feat to do.  

Three people and three different time periods. Yet they all connect in some way. The story is short but full of so much detail. You get a good handle on all three people people and really get to enjoy the story. I would have loved to get more than one episode. The story just left me wanting the next episode right now. 

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