Feb 10, 2015


by Michael Pritsos

Book: Sovereign #1
Publisher: Little Green Eyed Press
Pub Date: December 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Book Links: Goodreads  Amazon

To be born Gaian is to be born gifted. That wasn’t always true, but as more infants were born with special talents of the mind, what was once considered abnormal became the majority. The ungifted were sent to Thalassa, an island chain off the coast of the mainland. These orphans grew up in a vassal kingdom forced to pay dues to its overseers. 

In Severance, the first book of The Sovereign, a Thalassan soldier and orphan gets wind of a plot against his island home and wages war against its oppressors. A captain’s daughter fights for a love across the cultural divide. An assassin’s need for power takes him on a bloody journey throughout both lands. And a princess tells the biggest lie in her nation’s history, protecting her family’s right to rule. 

With alternating perspectives of war and tragedy, love and loss, secrets, lies, and counterplots – the fight for a nation’s independence starts here.

My Review: Well, I read another book by this author and I liked it. Then I saw that this book wasn't getting a lot of high stars. So I checked some of the reviews and I agree with some point that people made, however I still liked this book.

The book has good world  building and likable characters. The pace was perfect for the most part. There was a few times where the pace was a little to slow for me, but not so slow that it turned me way from the book. There was a lot happening in the book, so you always had something keeping you on your toes. However, I think that a few things should have been taken care of. You will have some questions about things when the book ends. Though I hope the next book takes care of that.

Okay so, I liked the idea of the book. Though I think the ungifted should have been treated better. Yeah, they don't have any special abilities, but I wouldn't say put them on a different Island and make them pay. Overall it was worth the read and should be given the chance. It can surprise any reader.

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