Mar 3, 2015

Against All Odds

Against All Odds
by Kira Adams

Book: Infinite Love #4
Publisher: Krista
Pub Date; December 2014
Genre: New Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Austyn Garrett hasn’t always had an easy time with relationships. But when she meets Avery on a cruise ship, everything changes. Fast forward six years and they are more in love than ever. Austyn knows he’s the one and is ready to take the next logical step. So why is Avery so adamant on waiting? 

Avery Phillips knew Austyn was the one with one simple look. He loves Austyn, there is no doubt about that. But he is in no rush to settle down. They already act like a married couple. Isn’t that good enough? 

What happens when the life you’ve grown accustomed to is ripped away in a mere second? Can love really overcome all of life’s obstacles? 

Against All Odds is the final installment of the Infinite Love series.

My Review: Relationships are hard and Austyn knows how that is. So when shes on a cruise she wasn't expecting much. Then she and Avery meet and you can see sparks between them, and it stays strong, even after a few years together. Now thats real love. 

Whats tricky and hard is taking the next step. Once you have found the "one" for you then you just know and want to take the next step with that person. So Avery should be on the same boat right? Well  he sorta is, but isn't. Avery loves her and think they already act like a married couple so things should just stay the way it is. 

Avery doesn't wan't to settle down, but he really loves Austyn. So why wont he do this? Is there something hidden here? Well this will bring up things and it won't be easy to deal with. Its tough things like this that can make or break a relationship. Make it through and itll show how well they are together. And if they dont? Well I could say a bunch of things, but really it all depends on them and what they want.

I will say that we do have an happily ever ending. I really loved this couple and the love they shared and watching how their relationship grew and dealt with things from life.