Mar 10, 2015

Courage Comes

Courage Comes
by Daniel McDonald

Book: The Butchery and Books Saga #1
Publisher: Daniel McDonald
Pub Date: November 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Print
Source: Author
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Creeping out of their sleepy little village on an idyllic summer morning, all Mort and his best friend Nihlus wanted to do was play games of heroes and villains, clashing swords in imaginary worlds fraught with danger. Though on this fateful morning, their play is interrupted when they see smoke on the horizon.

When the men of Hamlet vanish without a trace in the wake of an unlikely attack, those who remain are left with far more questions than answers. As the hours turn to days a shadow of fear creeps over their village and the boys realise that someone has to act, someone has to do something - that they must answer the call.

Accompanied by their young friend Tesa, and the allies they make along the way, the pair embark upon a dangerous journey that takes them beneath the perilous canopy of Goldleaf Forest and beyond - quickly realising that there is a larger world beyond their quiet village and there are far worse monsters out there than anything their vivid imaginations can conjure.

On a quest for answers, to find their missing loved ones, and to discover their place in the world - Mort Nihlus and Tesa learn that danger must be met with determination, fear with hope and loss with love.

A tale of friendship and bravery in the face of adversity. The discovery that no matter how afraid you are, if you persevere and fight onwards - ultimately Courage Comes.

My Review: Its just another day and the kids want to go out and play. So they got out and play in the woods and having fun just like kids should. Then they see smoke and find out there was an attack from another town and the men of Hamlet have left. 

So things get tougher and no one is really doing anything, which just causes more fear for the people. So will someone go answer the call? Well yeah and it happens to be the kids. Which I don't know how I liked that. Having young kids go out into the world and help figure everything out? Well I would have liked them to have been older, or there be some kind of other team go out there. 

The overall adventure that they went on was pretty good. They do learn a lot which was a good thing for them. Learn on how the world and the people init are like. There were good run ins and some not so good. I was happy that there are a lot of good lessons that kids can learn from. 

This book is more for kids 15 and under. Of course anyone can read it, but it just fits better in that range. So go on and try it or get a copy for your kid!

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