Mar 21, 2015

My Rebellion Checklist

My Rebellion Checklist
by Susan Soares

Book: Stand Alone
Pub Date: March 2015
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eARC
Source: Author
Book Links: Goodreads   Amazon

Victoria Matherson's summer to-do list looked something like this:

1. Get organized for college
2. Complete summer job at Dad’s office
3. Spend a romantic summer with Adam

During the first week of her summer vacation, Victoria’s super planned life suddenly swerves completely off track. Her boyfriend breaks up with her unexpectedly, she gets in a near-fatal car wreck, and her parents announce the end of their twenty-year marriage.

Victoria decides to live life messily, to take chances, and finally to rebel. Taking on the new name of “Tori,” she creates a checklist of rebellion:

#3 Get an extreme haircut
#6 Pierce something

which she’ll use to show everyone around her that all the changes to her perfectly organized life haven’t affected her in the least. Even though they have.

With the help of her quirky and cute co-worker Zack, Tori will check off the crazy items on her list and learn what it means to give up control and be free. But just how far will she go?

My Review: I loved this book. The idea was awesome and Susan was able to pull it off so well! 

A rebellion list that you could see someone doing, and characters that seem so believable. Tori and Rebecca are great friends and you can easily tell they will stick together through everything. Like the list Tori has planned. Some things didn't float well with Rebecca, but some things that are on Tori's list, shouldn't be. But heck, it is a rebellion list after all! 

The overall story flowed well and you can easily get into it and enjoy the story. There is some romance thrown in and it was sweet. Tori and Zack are cute together and have great chemistry. It was a nice relationship. Didn't take up a huge portion of the book, and it wasn't written to be a perfect relationship, but like an actual outside of a book relationship. It was nice to read and the book is worth it. 

I'll be looking for other great books from the author!

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