Mar 6, 2015

Wolf Cult

Wolf Cult
by Patricia La Barber

Book: Tala Chronicles #4
Pub Date: December 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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In WOLF CULT, the fourth book in THE TALA CHRONICLES, Tala and Matt think they've solved their werewolf problems. However, a mysterious woman tells Tala a frightening prophecy. Tala and Matt again find themselves thrown into a whirlpool of pursuit and violence. But this time the stakes are much higher.

My Review: I'm back with the next book! 

So Tala and Matt think its finally safe to relax and get on with life normally. Well, when does life just become perfect? Matt and Tala are surprised by this woman. No idea who she is or why she had come to them. She explains a prophecy to them, and well life is about to speed up and the wolf world is going to be right there. 

Remember the stakes in the other books? Everything that was done? Well, when it says the stakes went up, Patricia really did up the stakes. Which I loved! That moment when it becomes serious and you can feel the stakes rising, its like awesome feels. Almost like a dun dun moment. Like should you read it and find out or just hope it turned out well. 

You just have to read it to find out. As I read along, I had a certain ending in mind and near the end, I was surprised and knew it was going to end much better than I thought. 

So go ahead and check out my thoughts on the first few books, and after those, you should pick this one up. Its a good series to get your hands on!

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