Apr 1, 2015

Dawn of Destiny

Dawn of Destiny
by Lee Stephen

Book: Epic #1
Publisher: Stone Aside Publishing
Pub Date: November 2006
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Print
Source: Publisher
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Some men go to war for the glory. Some men go to war to escape. For Scott Remington, war is entirely different. It is a belief. It is a calling. It is a destiny. Leaving everything behind-his fiancée, his future, his life-he embarks on a mission of faith into a battle he can barely understand. This is his story. This is his war. This is only the beginning.

My Review:  Hmm I'm kinda mixed with this book. There was some good and some bad. Well not bad, but didn't grab my attention. 

The start was nice and the idea was done well and the characters were developed well.  Then about half way my attention started to die out. It wasn't bad, but I'm not the biggest sci-fi/war book person. Least not without a few other elements thrown in.  So it was a good book but not exactly my thing. Though I'm sure it will be a hit with the sci-fi readers.