Apr 14, 2015

Guest Post by Samantha

Hi and thank you so much for having me!  I wanted to take the opportunity to share what it is I do in case it is helpful to any of your followers, and also connect with even more of your readers out there, as one of my very favorite people to work with are book bloggers and reviewers!

First of all - let me fill you in a bit on who I am. My name is Sami and I run a company called Roger Charlie that specializes in publicity and management for creative professionals - particularly authors, musicians and small businesses.  I actually just recently jumped out on my own after nearly four years working exclusively in literary publicity because in addition to books. Both local/small business and music are also two of my very biggest passions, and I wanted to move more into supporting those endeavors, as well.

Just two months in, I’m having an absolute blast and working with some of the funnest, most creative minds! From drumming up press releases and media for an author’s international visit to Trinidad & Tobago, sitting down with a local pie company to talk about a new foray into cookbooks, or even helping a band on-the-rise really grow into a new level of recognition,  I’m lucky to get to dive headfirst into many different things, and put my brain together with other bright minds to help foster success for everyone involved on a project! The neat thing about PR is that it really keeps the door open to be expansive on creative thinking and try new, fun ideas to drive attention to a brand.

I really love what I do. I love that thought that publicity revolves around reaching out to people who may have not otherwise heard about a great book, band or business had I not been in touch, and I get excited when someone responds enthusiastically.  It really cultivates a positive attitude and experience for everyone involved, and I’m all for supporting anything that motivates and inspires an individual to move forward ferociously in the things that they really love.

I also run a really cool project with my husband called Songs for Jake, a collaborative music channel that operates around the simple mission of getting great songs to one really big music lover. Jake, my younger brother, has cerebral palsy - which I only mention to emphasize the impact music has on his life. While he can't talk or tell you in words about the music he enjoys, he definitely can show you the happiness it brings him through his laughter and excitement.  The project also marries a passion for creating, finding and sharing that music with Jake, along with others who may benefit from music therapy. We just put a new song up on Monday, so you should head on over and check it out! :)

I run Songs for Jake and Roger Charlie because I think it’s so important to incorporate the things you are truly dedicated to into your day-to-day work and life, because it fosters growth and encourages even more people to jump in and be part of the conversation.

I’d love to create some conversation with all of you and your readers, too! What are some of your favorite books/authors? What about bands/music? Have you ever seen a particularly awesome playlist that an author created for their story? I always love Amalie Howard’s choices (you can see one for her book Alpha Goddess here).

Please do feel free to reach out to continue the conversation, and feel free to connect with me through any of the following platforms, as well:

Official Website: RogerCharlie.com
Social Media:

Thank you again for having me, Serenity! :)

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