May 29, 2015


Date: Fall 2014

from Goodreads:
Ara Vertrees is an advisor to the King
in Jimalia, a thriving island nation in the middle of a vast ocean. Her macaws
are trained to fly home to the palace to repeat confidential information. When
their messages become more and more troubling, she finds herself in the middle
of a crisis she never expected. Ara's story is full of adventure, friendship,
mystery, love and loss. Join Ara and her companions as they fight pirates,
uncover deception, find love and fight for Jimalia.

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About the Author

name is Brit and I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California. My work with
animals brought macaws into my life. They frightened me, moved me, hurt
me, loved me and made me grow. I hope that my novel will help people
understand these birds better! They are breathtaking and intelligent, but do
not make good pets for most families. They require a lot of space and
attention, can be very destructive and can easily outlive you.
They can be incredible companions to the right people. Please keep all these
things in mind when considering a macaw as a pet!"

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