May 22, 2015

Blood Red and Draw Blood

Blood Red
by Jason Bovberg

Book: Blood Trilogy #1

Publisher: Permuted Press
Pub Date: April 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Rachel is 19. She doesn’t know how to handle her new stepmother, let alone the end of the world. But after finding her stepmother dead, Rachel is suddenly racing against time—and terrifying, unnatural forces—to survive a gruesome apocalyptic event. Outside her door, the college town of Fort Collins, Colorado, is filled with corpses, and something unfathomable is happening to those bodies. And it’s only just begun. As Rachel struggles to comprehend her horrible new reality, she’ll need to find answers to questions she never thought she’d ask—all while desperately searching for her lost father, on whom she pins all her hopes for coming out of this phenomenon alive and intact. But nothing will be as it seems. 

My Review:  Time is going, bodies aren't what they are supposed to be. And well lets face it, Rachel doesn't want to face this apocalypse. But then again who does? So she hope that her dad is out there somewhere and is perfectly normal. But, who know. Rachel will need to move fast and be aware of everything going on. 

The pace is perfect and your attention wont be lost at all. There are twists and turns to keep you turning those pages!

Draw Blood
by Jason Bovberg

Book: Blood Trilogy #2

Publisher: Permuted Press
Pub Date: April 2015
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Book Links: Goodreads  Amazon

Michael is awake.

He has regained consciousness in a blood-red world. His daughter Rachel has gone through hell to save him from a gruesome apocalyptic event that still has its gory clutches on Fort Collins, Colorado. But Michael is a troubled man. A man of guilt and remorse. His daughter has no idea about the demons that haunt him. And the more he learns about his new, perilous existence, the more powerfully those inner demons are at odds with the very real ones surrounding him. 

Michael will soon find himself racing against time—as well as hordes of resurrected corpses showing newly aggressive behavior—to protect what matters most in his life. It’s time to take a stand, for himself, for Rachel, and for the small band of survivors facing a ghastly, existential threat.

My Review: Michael is finally awake. Rachel had saved him, but he still isn't too thrilled. He woke up to a world still in apocalyptic mode. Add in the demons he has inside of him and things really aren't looking so well. 

So he will need to over come these demons. Not only for himself, but in order to save himself, Rachel and the other survivors. Things are very dangerous and they need a plan, or you know they can just stand there. Pretty sure the last one wouldn't be a good idea...

But together they do great things and I was so excited to see how things turned out!