May 23, 2015

Lunar Rampage

Lunar Rampage
by Samantha Cross

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Summer Solstice
Pub Date: May 2015
Genre:Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Book Links: Goodreads  Amazon

Photographer, animal lover, and unfortunately for the summer, the new girl in town, Cora Nash considers herself a simple girl. Renovating and living at her grandmother's house seemed like a good idea, until events took a turn for the bizarre. Garbage cans viciously torn into, howls from the woods, wild animals behaving erratically, and an ominous warning from the good looking bad boy, "Stay out the forest."

This seemingly normal town hides a mysterious and violent secret. When one of the townsfolk up and disappears in the forest, leaving nothing but a pair of shoes, Cora is the only person willing to investigate. The answer, however, is nothing she could have ever anticipated, when under a full moon she finds herself face to face with a… werewolf.

If werewolves don’t exist, where did it come from? And… more importantly, who could it be?

My Review: Cora is really into photography and love animals. Shes a normal girl just doing her thing. She she is heading to her grams place to help with renovations. She thought sure and never expected anything odd to happen. 

She doesn't even get a whole normal day. Nope, night one and she hears sounds, the trash is messed up, and some locals have gone poof. Yep, normal is about to go out the window. So Cora decides to check out whats going on. 

Well she shouldn't have gone into the forest. Now things are going to pick and Cora is going to get way more than she expected. 

I loved the page turning pace, the details always grabbing your attention at the perfect moment. Overall an awesome read! Samantha is an author to watch!