May 2, 2015


by Mayandree Michel

Book: Descendants #2
Publisher: Mayandree Michael
Pub Date: August 2012
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Bought
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War has never been won and love has never been saved without... sacrifice.

As the new Empress of the Ischero Empire, Cordelia must keep her divine disciples safe, including Victor – her betrothed and only powerless demigod, from the threat of Hades’ Apolluon. While Cordelia awaits her anointment from Zeus, she finds solace in her growing relationship with Evan, who she loves, although he is not Zeus' choice. It seems like everything is falling into place until the Apolluon increase their attacks on the Ischero and the elders object to the mission for the search of her parents. 
Just when Cordelia believes things can’t get any worse, Victor vanishes and brings about a new threat to end her union with Evan for good, and the mortals begin to suspect that the Ischero are nothing like them at all, forcing Cordelia to consider relocating. 
Will the members ever find peace in a new city if familiar faces begin to emerge? In order to guarantee her empire's safety, Cordelia must decide between saving her empire and making the ultimate sacrifice without any help from the gods.

My Review: I have no idea what happened. First of all, I really really loved the first book. I was so excited when I finally got this book and I couldn't wait to enter back into this world.

Well it wasn't what I expected. The cover I didn't like at all. It doesnt do the series justice. Then when it came to actually reading the book, I had trouble keeping interest for the longest time. 

There were many may parts that I loved and couldn't put the book down. Then it wouldn't be as amazing. I really tried to finish the book, but I just couldn't. I would love to give the next book a shot and hopefully it'll turn out better. 

My Rating:
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