May 6, 2015

Witches Moonstone

Witches Moonstone
by Marsh A. Moore

BookCoon Hollow Coven Tales #1

PublisherMarsh A. Moore
Pub Date: March 2015
Genre: New Adult
Format: eBook 
Source: Author
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Twenty-three-year-old Jancie Sadler was out of the room when her mother died, and her heart still longs for their lost goodbye. Aching to ease her sorrow, Aunt Starla gives Jancie a diary that changes her entire life. In entries from the 1930s, her great grandmother revealed how she coped with her own painful loss by seeking out a witch from nearby Coon Hollow Coven. The witch wore the griever’s moonstone locket, which allowed whoever could unlock its enchantment to talk with the dead. 

Determined to find that locket, Jancie goes to the coven’s annual carnival held in her small southern Indiana town of Bentbone. This opposes her father’s strict rule: stay away from witches. But she’s an adult now and can make her own decisions. She meets Rowe McCoy, the kind and handsome witch who wears the moonstone. He agrees to let her try to open the locket, but they’re opposed by High Priestess Adara and her jealous desire to possess him. Desperate for closure with her mother, Jancie persists and cannot turn away from a perilous path filled with magic, romance, and danger. 

My Review: Janice has just lost her mom. Thats hard enough, whats even harder is that she wasn't in the room to really say her goodbye. Its tough and Janice is having a really hard time right now. So her aunt tried to help her out. She gave Janice a diary that used to be her grandma's. 

Her grandma had her ow loss and talks about how a witch helped her get through it. So Janice wants to find this witch and get what she needs to help move on. Well she shouldn't go looking for a witch, but she does anyway...

Janice ends up finding the witch with the locket. Turns out the witch is a guy and a pretty good looking one. He will let her try to use the locket. But Adara is jealous. She wants Rowe, she wants to own him. So what was supposed to be a fairly simple task, has turned into something more dangerous than Janice thought.

I really loved this book. I enjoyed the witches and magic brought into this book. It will easily suck you in, and you won't stop until the last page.

My Rating:

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