Jun 26, 2015

**** or The Anatomy of Melancholy

****: The Anatomy of Melancholy
The Anatomy of Melancholy

Reality is overrated. Sex, love, power, life: it's gone digital. Why settle for a girlfriend with cellulite? Why spend every day working a dead-end job? These are the new days, the infinite days: plug in, get connected. Life is porn, porn is life, don't accept anything less than the electric light show that is our digital reality. At the end of every computer screen, a mind is being formed on the material coughed up by the web that connects us all: this is the story of one of the internet's children, told from his own warped perspective. This is the millennial generation, the Y generation: we're horny, lonely, afraid, and self-confident. This is our story, our reality. Thrillingly inventive and powerfully engaging, ****: The Anatomy of Melancholy is a timely examination of life and masculinity in the digital age, a study of loneliness and mental decay, and a satire on the consumption of literature of disaffection. Brutally honest and darkly comic, it is a very modern novel about a very modern life.

My Review:Reality really is overrated. Mostly because I know, had more than enough experence for one lifetime. But I really loved this book. Matt nailed it all down perfectly. 

Being digital has gotten crazy. Nearly everything can be done online! Go on a date, pay bills, buy a house, a car, video chat, shop, and even buy groceries! Yup, its crazy. Remember when you had to get up on the weekend, and actually go the locations to pay bills, get food, and do everything? No? Just me?  

Though a bunch of that, I just count to people being lazy...its okay to leave your house and get stuff done. 

Then you look at the generation we have today. So much...drama. Yeah, I'll go with drama. Everything is something and gets taken to level that it doesn't need. Then you have girls who are worried about looks, weight, style, boys, emotions, its become worse over time. And then you have the guys who think the way they treat a girl is fine, they want to be a player, only want one thing, and so on. 

So all these things, I could think of when reading the book. The book goes on about a lot more going on, and its on point. Pretty realistic, and can be an eye opener to those who haven't noticed these things.

I really loved this book and Matt is an author to watch for!

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