Jun 12, 2015

The Runner and the Robber

The Runner and the Robber
by Robert Sells

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Martin Sisters 
Pub Date: April 2015
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Print
Source: Author
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What happens when a crook suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and forgets where he buried three million dollars? Bill Taylor, rising track star in Florida, is forced to live in western New York when his father dies. Unable to participate in sports and hating his new school, he is jogging home from school when he is accosted by an ex-con who demands his cut of the money. Bill’s reaction? What money? How? Working with Sarah, the girlfriend of a possessive football star at the new school, Bill unravels the mystery behind a Brinks robbery twenty years before. Along the way three people are murdered and Bill is used and abused by the mob. At least he is no longer complaining about his new home and school. Now all he has to worry about is keeping Sarah and him alive.

My Review:  Bill up and moves. Complaining about the small things. Well by the end of it, he'll notice that those things are so bad compared to worrying about his life.Apparently there is 3 millions dollars hidden. The location is a mystery and the ex con didn't take well to that, So Bill and Sarah need a plan to stay alive and figure out just what is going on. 

Overall it was a decent book. It had its ups and downs for me. I liked the idea and details. But there were just parts where I would lose the interest and have to get back to the book later.