Jun 12, 2015

Things We Lost in the Night

Night People
by Larry J Dunlap

Book: Things We Lost in the Night #1

Publisher: Claremont Village Press
Pub Date: June 2015
Genre: Young Adult
Format: ARC
Source: Author
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In a literary modern odyssey, the first book called Night People, an intimate memoir recalls the first three of six years in the life of a young singer and his midwestern friends as they strive for fame and fortune in a coming-of-age rock music- and romance-filled journey in 1960-era California and Las Vegas.

The most important things in Larry’s life in 1965 Indianapolis are his suddenly troubled marriage to his high school sweetheart and their two little boys, and his scattered-to-the-winds, singing group. When he is miraculously reunited with his vocalist friends in San Francisco, they barely survive their own clumsy transformation into a working nightclub band. He hasn't realized yet, that as the band improves, singing with his rock and roll band is plunging him headfirst into an incredible adventure that will take them into famous mob-run West Coast nightclubs, Las Vegas showrooms and backrooms, and Hollywood recording studios—or the sacrifice it will require.

It’s the 1960s: an era of great cultural, sexual, and musical change—and the draft. Larry's band finds itself scrambling to overcome, or at least live through, every obstacle in their path as they achieve hard-won successes. But in their rise, Larry discovers that everything he assumed he knew about life is being challenged, and he must adapt to a new life, and a new companion and lover, as he weaves his way through the things he finds, and loses, in the tumultuous nights.

My Review: Larry has this rock life dream, married to his high school sweetheart and has two boys. Right now the music life isnt going too well. His marriage is having trouble and Larry has his hands full with all this. 

Then things take a turn. He reunites with his friends and the band starts to get big. They take off and play all these shows in different clubs. Becoming more than Larry could have thought. However not everything is as good in his life. His marriage just crumbles and now he has his rock dream, but thats pretty much it right now. 

Few more years go by and the music world is changing and the band has to kick it into gear if they want to remain in the music world. Otherwise it doesn't look too well for them. Lucky for them, their music career remains steady. Then Larry takes a moment to realize whats going on. Music life is great, but what about his life? He wants someone and is gonna have to work on getting a new life. It's not going to be easy. Things in life aren't always easy. But if you want it, and can do it, then its all worth it in the end. 

I liked this book. Its realistic on many points. So you can prob relate to something in the book. Larry is a pretty good guy and it was interesting to read about his life and everything that happened before he reached the point in life that he is at now. 

My Rating:

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