Jul 29, 2015

A Brighter Light

A Brighter Light
by C.L. Clark

Book: New Sight #2
Publisher: C.L. Clark
Pub Date: July 2015
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Cassie and Allie are back - helping the dead of Kensington Falls find answers

With all of the new changes in Cassie’s life, she has had to rely on the wisdom of Allie, her cat, as well as her own instincts to not only accept the upheaval, but to use her new abilities to help the desperate spirits around her. When Zeb enters her life, he already somehow knows her secret, but he has a secret of his own. With his help Cassie will discover new talents as she is thrown head first into amazing and sometimes frightening situations in order to find closure and justice for those without a voice. Is there more to Zeb than meets the eye? Does it have something to do with the incredibly strong attraction that seems to be growing between them? Like moths to a flame, the ghosts of Kensington Falls are flocking to Cassie for help, but can she give everything she’s got to helping the dead and still keep her own life intact?

My Review: Back with Cassie and Allie! You know them as the ones who help out the dead. Yeah, no biggie. Its a normal job to have right?

Anyway.....Cassie has been through a lot, and still needs some help along her life. So she, like any other sane person, gets advice from her talking cat! Allie, does have some good advice, though, a very smart cat. So together they figure out how they can help t he dead that needs her. 

Things are going along and then in walks Zeb who already knows about Cassie's life. She want's to know how this person knows about her, but it would only be fair if he revealed his secret too. Though the attraction thing between them is awesome. But, it's always nice to know the other person's secrets first. 

Then the pace picks up, and I just couldn't put down the book. Ghosts are storming in for her help. They are coming one right after the other and Cassie needs to relax, make a plan that will help out the dead, and keep her life in  one piece. Zeb and Allie are great help, but Cassie is the only one who can really do anything for the dead, and they just won't make it easy for her, 

But I read this book in no time, and now I'll try and wait nicely for the next book to be out. I love Cassie, and her world!

My Rating:
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