Jul 3, 2015

Chasing River

Chasing River
by K.A. Tucker

Book: Burying Water #3
Publisher: Atria Books
Pub Date: July 7, 2015
Genre: New Adult
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
Book Links: Goodreads  Amazon

Armed with two years' worth of savings and the need to experience life outside the bubble of her Oregon small town, twenty-five-year old Amber Welles is prepared for anything. Except dying in Dublin. Had it not been for the bravery of a stranger, she might have. But he takes off before she has the chance to offer her gratitude.

Twenty-four-year-old River Delaney is rattled. No one was supposed to get hurt. But then that American tourist showed up. He couldn't let her die, but he also couldn't risk being identified at the scene—so, he ran. Back to his everyday life of running his family’s pub. Only, everyday life is getting more and more complicated, thanks to his brother, Aengus, and his criminal associations. When the American girl tracks River down, he quickly realizes how much he likes her, how wrong she is for him. And how dangerous it is to have her around. Chasing her off would be the smart move.

Maybe it's because he saved her life, or maybe it's because he's completely different from everything she's left behind, but Amber finds herself chasing after River Delaney. Amber isn’t the kind of girl to chase after anyone.

And River isn't the kind of guy she'd want to catch.

My Review: Amber is ready for a new chapter to begin! She has saved up and is ready to leave her little town. Where is she off to? How about Dublin? Well maybe after almost dying, she may not want to stay there or maybe even come back. Lucky for her, a stranger was there to save her. But who? The person ran off before Amber could do anything.

Then there's River. He is shaken up right now. Since nothing went to plan when Amber got in the way. She couldn't die, but didn't his idenity to be known. So it just all adds to his already complicated life. Saving a girl, running a pub, and dealing with a criminal brother can add a lot of stress. But at least Amber will turn out to be one of the best things in his life. You know, once he realizes he likes her and should keep her around. But nah, he thinks it best to keep her away.

When will the character just learn, that the girl will find her way into your life if its meant to be. So just accept it sooner, rather than later. River and Amber are awesome together. They balance each other well. Oh and I didn't like River's brother.

And now I'm off to wait for K.A. to release more awesome books!

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