Jul 6, 2015

Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream
by S.B. Alexander

Book: Maxwell #2
Pub Date: 2015
Genre: New Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
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Bad boy Kade Maxwell knows all too well the pain and loss of the death of a loved one after his sister’s death tore his family—especially his mother—to pieces. He longs for the day his mother can heal from the mental anguish and return home to live with her family again. He prays every day that God will keep his brothers safe and that his father will one day be reunited with his wife. He doesn’t dream of his future. In fact, he had nightmarish glimpses of what his life would’ve been like as an adult until he met Lacey. She’s a light that cuts through his darkness. Her beauty, her determination, and her dedication in overcoming her own tragedy energizes his belief that maybe—just maybe—he can dream again.

Lacey Robinson has suffered tragedy at the hands of a killer who took away her sister and mother. After a change of scenery and a new life, her PTSD is on the mend. With the love and strength from Kade Maxwell and the help of her psychiatrist, she’s been able to work on the triggers that cause her panic attacks and blackouts. With a clear head and a clear road to the future, Lacey dreams of three things: She longs to find the person who killed her family. She wants to play baseball for ASU so bad she can taste it. And she wants a future with Kade Maxwell. But with several roadblocks thrown in her way, she may not get everything she wants. A trip to California opens a door that could expose the killer. Aaron Seever is up to his psychotic, bullying antics, and Kade has his own path for the future, one Lacey isn’t sure includes her.

Kade vows to love and protect Lacey even if that means his life for hers. Lacey vows to push through her demons and show Kade and her family that she has what it takes to rise above tragedy, even if she has to run into the arms of a killer to save a loved one.

Strong language. Sexual content. Violence. Intended for audiences 18 years and older.

My Review: Kade is the bad boy. He really got that way when the tragedy of his sisters death happened. His family got turned upside down. His mom couldn't handle it. Leaving his dad and brothers to heal and be safe together. All Kade wants is for his mom to heal and come back home. Because of this tragedy, he can't think about his future. If he does, its usually never good. So he lives his life and who knows where it will go. 

Then Lacey walks in and its like a light shot through his life. Everything about her makes Kade feel alive and give him hope. And why not, Lacey is pretty darn amazing, despite her own tragedy in life. She took what happened and was able to over come it. She took the fact that some killer took her mom and sister, and was able to still have positives in life. Yeah some things still bug her, but she is getting help and it gives her even more strength to think about the future. Like making Kade all hers and plying baseball. She does want to know who the killer is and find him. But doesn't playing baseball and having a wonderful connection with a cute guy sound better? Does to me, but you know Lacey is just so strong and determined. She wants it all. The answers, baseball, Kade, happiness, and the future without anything bad. 

They each had a tragedy in life that changed them. They got a new look at life since then. When they meet the connection is amazing and they bring out the best in each other. A future they never thought of, can now be possible. 

Super awesomeness is what you get. One of the best stories I've read this year and it was just knocked out of the field. 

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