Jul 7, 2015

Finding the Right Girl

"One of the best
romances I've read this year!" -- New York Times Bestselling Author J.S.

The Other Sullivan Brother's Happily Ever After...

The standalone follow-up novel (no cliffhanger) to the
Sullivan Brothers "Nice Girl" serial trilogy that began the acclaimed
New York Times, USA Today, and worldwide bestselling CAN'T RESIST series

Brian Sullivan has been in love twice in his lifetime. He
lost his first love to early-onset Huntington's, and he lost the other more
recently...to his brother. And somehow, his heart has managed to heal itself
after both. Amazingly, without therapy. That doesn't mean Brian hasn't gotten
more wary along the way, however. In fact, he's been thinking lately that maybe
his brother's now retired nothing-but-flings rule isn't such a bad idea.
Unfortunately, being the nice guy poster boy and all, he isn't exactly versed
in the fine art of flings. So he looks to the outrageously 'unique,'
provokingly button-pushing Tessa Daniels for a crash course.

There's absolutely no way he's falling in love with this

Tessa has no idea what she was thinking telling Brian that
she was some sort of fling expert. She's never been flung before and she sure
as heck doesn't know where or how to begin flinging a guy like Brian. It was a
temporary lapse in sanity, really--no doubt because of the
can't-help-but-fall-for-him brain fuzz that hits her whenever he's around. Not
only does the man have her being more herself than she's ever been in her life,
but he's the only person she knows who seems to have as many demons and skeletons
in the closet as she does. What's more, he's got her thinking of the one thing
she stopped letting herself even hope for years ago.

A happily ever after.

NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY bestselling author Violet Duke is a
former professor of English Education who is ecstatic to now be on the other
side of the page writing wickedly fun contemporary romance novels. Her NYT and
USA Today bestselling books have been Top 10 bestsellers across the major
eretailers both in the US and internationally. When she's not writing or
feeding her book-a-day reading addiction, Violet enjoys tackling reno projects
with her power tools, trying pretty much anything without reading the
directions first, and cooking 'special edition' dishes that laugh in the face
of recipes. A born and raised island girl, she spends her days getting into
creatively fun trouble in Hawai'i alongside her two cute kids (daughter Violet
& son Duke) and similarly adorable husband.

Find the latest on her books and fan giveaways at www.facebook.com/VioletDukeBooks

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