Jul 25, 2015

Phoenix Child

Phoenix Child
by Alica M. Johnson

Book: Phoenix Child #1
Publisher: AMJ
Pub Date: February 2015
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Book Links: Goodreads  Amazon

Sara is just another group home kid. She’s given up on being part of a family and has planned out her life as a child of the system.

Then she wakes on her fifteenth birthday, with ruby red streaks through her now midnight black hair and strange powers she did not know she possessed.

Enrolling in classes at the San Francisco Center for the Circus Arts, she meets strangers with frightening powers who say they are family, with a four thousand year old god as a common ancestor.

As Sara struggles with powers that overwhelm her, she must decide whether to turn her back on this new life or embrace her identity as Sapphire the Phoenix Child. The lives of hundreds of magical creatures rest on her decision.

Sometimes great things are thrust upon a girl. Sara wishes hers didn’t include a new name, unicorns, and fire.

My Review: Sara has given up on any plans she had. She is just going to plan on being the kid of the system. Its pretty sad, and you'll feel for Sara right away. Besides that, things are pretty normal for her. Then the day of her birthday, she wakes up and isn't the same person as the night before. She has red mixed into her black hair, crazy new powers, and is just very confused right now. Though while she works on that, she enrolls in school only to find out that someone there has powers too. He comes to her and mentions it to her and that they are also related. Very odd, since she doesn't have any family. And to top it off, she's related to a god. 

Yeah....Sara tries to wrap this around her mind. While figuring out the whole story, controlling her powers, and in the end she will go forward with it all, or just up and run from this life. 

So Sara takes  her place as Sapphire. She may have just taken more than she realized, but Sara has this.

So overall I liked this book. I did have a few issues with it. I'd like it if Sara was a bit older, and that I got more details in certain areas. But there wasn't anything big that made me stop reading the book. It was easy to like Sara and get thrown into a new world. It is def worth picking up.

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