Jul 3, 2015

Ten Reasons You Should Buy My Book

1.  It is actually pretty entertaining.
2. Let’s face it, you don’t read much poetry and reading a poetry book wouldn’t hurt your book collection look more sophisticated. How many James Patterson books can one person own?
3. This book is a great plate for food. (Knives and forks are sold separately)
4. You are tired of reading about Fifty Shades and The Hunger Games. And I can’t blame you there.
5. Ellen likes it! (she doesn’t)
6. I hear that it is taught in beginning English classes. Then again that could be me on that one. Yeah, actually it probably is.
7. You need a book to make fun of. And this book is the perfect one for you.
8. Have you looked at the cover? It is pretty awesome. If you are not convinced by the cover, then I don’t know what to tell you.
9. There are no curses or violence in the book. If this book was a movie I’d give it a PG rating.
10. It can’t be much worse than that other book you just read.
I believe this is the part of the post where I give you a link to my book.
And you buy it.
That link is around here somewhere.
Oh, here it is.
Now because you loved my post so much, you are going to buy my book.

Ideally speaking.
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