Jul 10, 2015

The Only One for Her

The Only One for Her
by Carlie Sexton

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Carlie Sexton
Pub Date: June 19, 2015
Genre: Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Autor
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Full length stand alone novel. 

When is a heart too broken to fix? 

Just days before his wedding, handsome, successful entrepreneur, Trace Michaels, finds out his love wasn’t enough. With a broken heart, Trace lands in Maui, hoping to find solace in the beautiful island. What he finds is beauty, but in the form of an alluring, grieving woman. One he feels an instant and inescapable attraction to. 

Young widow, Lindy Bernard, had her heart broken when her husband died. In Maui to reluctantly close a chapter in her life, she suddenly finds herself in the arms of a drop-dead, gorgeous Adonis. After his relentless pursuit, Lindy and Trace begin to find healing...only to have that endangered by a secret threatening to tear them apart. 

All is not what it seems in Trace’s company, and it seems one woman has set out to ruin him. Can he juggle the odious plots against him while chasing the woman of his heart? Will she wait or are some hearts too broken to be fixed? 

My Review: Oh another book by Carlie! Can you tell I like his writing? It would be a good idea to check out his work if you haven't heard of him before.

A broken heart! Oh the many many things that come with it. It always sucks to have one, and no one should really have one. Cause they really do suck. Not to mention, fixing it, is a whole long process. But anyway...Trace has his heart broken, and its just days before the wedding! Ugh thats never good, and now there's no wedding either. So should Trace stay in bed all day? Nope, he decided to vacation on an island. Hopefully it'll help him. And turns out this trip was a good idea, otherwise he wouldn't have met Lindy.

Together they start to heal. Will they get on with their lives? Maybe together or maybe their separate ways. I loved these characters. I like the way each was doing there thing and you wondered what would go on. But you'll easily get a feel for what will happen later in the book. So worth the read!

My Rating: