Jul 13, 2015

Witches Kiss

Witches Kiss
by Antara Man

Book: Episode #1
Publisher: Antara
Pub Date: March
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Book Links: Goodreads  Amazon  Book Depository

A genie’s life is full of wishes - the wishes of those who own him, that is.
When his owner, the powerful yet ugly witch Ezemelda, is called to celebrate the coming-of-age of King Nruk’s daughter, her prophesy of the princess’ future goes against everything Nruk desires. Promising a special spell to reverse the curse on the princess and change her future, but won’t cost him a cent, Ezemelda has more than the future of the kingdom in mind.
What’s the cost of signing a contract with a witch?
And, what does it mean for the genie of the lamp?

My Review: A quick but packed read. It's short and you'll easily fly through the pages, but with the detail the story seems longer. Antara is pretty talented and worth checking out.

Ezemelda comes to check out the future for the princess. Adn well, it aint too good. So she goes against what she stands by. She'll figure out some way to remove the curse and make sure the princess has a good life ahead of her.

All this comes at a cost. These things can be tricky and Ezemelda has more than just the princess in mind. Can she break the curse and make sure everything goes smoothly? Or will something else take place?

Such detail in a short story. I loved it and you should get your hands on this story. You only need a few minutes.

My Rating:

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