Aug 11, 2015

Annie's Defiance

Annie's Defiance
by Nicole Pouchet

Book: Elemental Myths #3
Publisher: August 2015
Pub Date: Nicole Pouchet
Genre: New Adult
Format: eARC
Source: Author
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D.C. lawyer, Annie Birch, believes her life is one logical assessment after another. That changes, however, on the day she accidentally teleports during a high-profile negotiation. Knowing her new power must be a side effect after miraculously getting healed by the Incan Mother Earth goddess doesn’t help matters. Annie has already seen how emerging powers like hers also come with psycho villains that are bent on destroying her, as well as the corporeal world.

The icing on the cupcake of her ridiculous day is two gorgeous men who show up on her doorstep, both vying for her attention. Now, her choices involve much more than her oft-neglected libido. Annie is tasked to play a role in the Incan prophecy, which she prefers to watch from the sidelines. Will she stick to her safe, legal path? Or will she defy all logic to experience the decidedly more fun adventures being thrust her way?

My Review: So I'm back with another book by Nicole! 

This one is all about Annie and how she got herself teleported accidentally. Yeah...she's this big lawyer and all of a sudden is dropped into a high-profile scene. No idea how it happened, but eventually she gets some clues onto how it all happened. Oh and the side effects of this day? Two hunky guys wanting her attention. Yeah so she can jump into this crazy world and go ahead with this prophecy or sit on the sidelines. 

Annie would rather sit over to the side.  But maybe it would be fine if she went through with this prophecy. If she is a part of it, then might as well get it done with. Have fun and leave her legal safe world, or not. Either way I just know you will love Annie. She is fierce, fun, and seriously smart. A great person to know, who just happens to have these hot guys wanting her attention. Who wouldn't want to be her friend? Heck she may even find the love of her life, have fun, beat this prophecy, and have the life of her dreams.

Course, you should read this book. Its the third one, but really all of Nicole's books  are awesome and should be read.