Aug 14, 2015


(The Birthright Book 1)
Date: 07/21/15

from Goodreads:
Rosamund Brandt has had a semi normal
life for sixteen years. Well, semi normal for a family descended from aliens.
Sure, she could create portals and her family had a secret basement. But she
went to school, had a best friend, and got her driving permit like every other

However, her definition of “normal” unravels when a killer with multiple powers
and an agenda steps into town. When Rosamund herself becomes a target, she has
a choice between playing the killer’s game and saving a few, or getting to the
core of the murders and stopping them for good.

Rosamund’s choice will save everyone she cares about–or unleash a new era for
herself and her family, shattering whatever hope for going back to normal she

Links: (On sale for only $1.99 until 8/15)

About the Author

always loved stories. From bedtime tales my parents told me about their
childhood (over and over again) to the Berenstain Bears, I lived to hear the
next story.
I guess it’s not surprising that I came up with my own stories and started
putting them on paper as soon as I could write. I remember carting notebooks
with me to school and working whenever I had the chance (some things don’t
really change). Later, I branched out into poetry and plays and experimental
works, but I always came back to stories.
enough, even though I loved mysteries and sci-fi/fantasy, I focused on writing
literary short stories for several years. But everything
changed when I wrote my first novel as a challenge in 2009. Not only was
it a novel, but it was also a mystery (actually, it’s what became The
Jester’s Apprentice
). I was hooked, and over the last few years, novel
writing has grown into a full-time pursuit. (According to my sister, I talk
waaayyy too much to write short stories.)

writing, I’m a Massachusetts native with strong ties to the Rhode Island coast,
and I love to bake, watch movies, and tackle graphic/web design projects.

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