Aug 16, 2015


by Kellie McAllen

Book: Soulmate #1
Publisher: Lounge Chair Lit
Pub Date: May 2015
Genre: Young Adult 
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Book Links: Goodreads  Amazon

Most people search for decades to find their soulmate; Rachel Masterson was born with hers.
Sharing her body with another soul has had its ups and downs for 15 year old Rachel, but there’s no one she’d rather share her life with than her soulmate, Rider. Fiercely devoted to him, Rachel has ostracized herself from most of her peers and gained a reputation as someone just a little too far gone on the wrong side of crazy. Her family’s sudden move, however, gives her a chance at a fresh new life, without the stigma of her “imaginary friend.”  Hit with the triple-whammy stress of trying to make new friends (and her first boyfriend!) in a new school, in a new town, far away from the only other person who has ever understood her, Rachel’s relationship with Rider is strained by the choices that she makes, choices that ultimately lead to their separation. When a tragic accident tears them apart, can Rachel learn to live and love again? 

My Review: I just loved Soulmate! A top must read of the year! Kellie is a kick-ass writer!

Okay onto the story now....Everyone wants to find their soulmate and love happy ever after. Rachel was lucky enough to have been born with hers. Yup, she has been sharing her body with Rider, her soulmate. She has always been happy and just wants to stick by him. Even if it means straying away from people. 

Its all good, until people just see her as crazy and need some help. But lucky for Rachel, she is about to move. Maybe this will be the fresh start she needs. New home, new area, new people, and no one knows about her. Rachel has the chance to make new friend and even try and have a boyfriend. If it all goes well, then should could easily pull off having a life and having Rider. 

However, things don't go to plan.Rider and her are about to be over. Rachel needs to rebuil herself and learn to love again. Choices are made, and sadly it lead down an unexpected road. But in another way, it also needed to happen. I didn't mind Rider, he was a decent character. But I was so happy to see Rachel be herself more. Making friends, finding love, and being able to make it after Rider and her got torn apart. 

Its a story that will easily suck you in. Make you fall for the characters. Feel with them, and even need to bring out the tissues. A must must read and I can't wait for the next book!

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