Aug 16, 2015

The Crimson Corset

The Crimson Corset
by Alistair Cross

Book: The Vampires of Crimson Cove #1
Pub Date: 2015
Genre:  Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
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Welcome to Crimson Cove 

Sheltered by ancient redwoods overlooking the California coast, the cozy village of Crimson Cove has it all: sophisticated retreats, fine dining, and a notorious nightclub, The Crimson Corset. It seems like a perfect place to relax and get close to nature. But not everything in Crimson Cove is natural. 

When Cade Colter moves to town, he expects it to be peaceful to the point of boredom. But he quickly learns that after the sun sets and the fog rolls in, the little tourist town takes on a whole new kind of life – and death. 

Darkness at the Edge of Town 

Renowned for its wild parties and history of debauchery, The Crimson Corset looms on the edge of town, inviting patrons to sate their most depraved desires and slake their darkest thirsts. Proprietor Gretchen VanTreese has waited centuries to annihilate the Old World vampires on the other side of town and create a new race – a race that she alone will rule. When she realizes Cade Colter has the key that will unlock her plan, she begins laying an elaborate trap that will put everyone around him in mortal danger. 

Blood Wars 

The streets are running red with blood, and as violence and murder ravage the night, Cade must face the darkest forces inside himself, and perhaps even abandon his own humanity, in order to protect what he loves. 

My Review: Welcome to Crimson Cove. A lovely spot to visit or even spend a weekend. It has all you could expect. Though not everything is as it seems. Cade is about to learn that this town has a special secret. 

There is danger in the night. Real vampires come out. They want blood. Deaths are happening and Gretchen is going to take it a step further. She wants the vampires on the other side of town gone. There is going to be a new vampire world and she wants to be in charge. She will do whatever it takes, and that includes using Cade to her advantage. She finds a link with him and well, shit gets real. 

So things are real here! This is no fluffy non sense. Real vampires, real danger, real awesome details. The story was so thrilling, I go sucked in quickly and couldn't put the book down! Cross has such a unique writing style and has a great talent here. I so can't wait to read more!

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