Aug 3, 2015

The Dead and Buried

The Dead and Buried
by Kim Harrington

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Scholatic
Pub Date: 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Print
Source: Borrowed
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home sweet home...

Jade loves the house she's just moved into with her family. She doesn't even mind being the new girl at the high school: It's a fresh start, and there's that one guy with the dreamy blue eyes...

But then things begin happening. Strange, otherworldly things.

Jade's little brother claims to see a glimmering girl in his room. Jade's jewelry gets moved around, as if by an invisible hand. Kids at school whisper behind her back like they know something she doesn't.

Soon, Jade must face an impossible fact: that her perfect house... is haunted.

Haunted by a ghost who's seeking not just vengeance, but the truth. The ghost of a girl who ruled Jade's school - until her untimely death last year. It's up to Jade to put the pieces together before her own life is at stake. As Jade investigates the mystery, she discovers that her new friends in town have more than a few deep, dark secrets.

But is one of them a murderer?

My Review: Jade is about to start a new chapter in her life. Shes moved into the house of her dreams. So she doesn't mind starting a new school and seeing how things go. Its much better than everyone living in the old home that was falling apart on them. Not she has the big fancy house shes always wanted. 

Things are going as normal as can be for the first day of school. Jade and her brother get ready and he asks for a jewel for his first day and mentions about seeing a girl in his room. Jade doesn't really give it much thought. Their house is new and no one ever died in it. So it wasn't a ghost or anything, not that she really believed in them....least not anymore. So she just gives her brother a gem and goes on with her day.

Then the book kinda died a little. I love Kim's books but idk, this one fell a little short for me. It was all going great then it just died for me. I was losing interest, and then about more than half way it picked up again. Then things were moving ad had me on the edge just waiting to find out what the answers were. Otherwise I still liked the book and will keep checking out Kim's books.