Sep 7, 2015


by Kellie McAllen

Book: The Soulmate Series #2
Publisher: Lounge Chair Lit
Pub Date: August 2015
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Just because you're soulmates doesn't mean your meant to be together.

Life has not been easy for Paige Donovan, Rachel and Rider's best friend and confidante and the only person who knows their incredible secret. Of course, she thrilled with their fairytale love story, but when does she get to be the princess?

When Rider decides to go searching for answers, Paige is happy to help, especially if the quest involves hunky Zach Pasquetti. He seems like her knight in shining armor, but is Zach the villain or is he the prince?

My Review: Back with the next book! This time the fairytale they wanted, isn't going so well. At least not for Paige. Course she is happy that her friends have their fairytale, but when can she have what they have? Well maybe Zach will be the answer she wants. 

So Paige is off helping Rider and Zach will also be tagging along. He seems like a great guy and could be just what she is looking for. But could it all be true or is there something she's missing. Maybe Zach isn't her prince or she could just be overthinking everything.  

But.....Paige and Zach are a couple! Do they last and have this great fairytale just like their friends or does it run into the ground. These two are fun to read about. We also get some insight into what Rider finds. So these characters are never far and I'm sure they will continue to pop up within the next books. 

Now with this book, I did like it. I really like Paige. But I wasn't too thrilled with Zach, I just didn't like him as well or as quick as the other characters. Though after a while I did start to change my thoughts on him, though it wasn't too much. However, that so did not take from the story. Nope, Kellie has such awesome writing skills that I know this is just going to be an awesome series!