Sep 25, 2015

The Alliance of Isian

The Alliance of Isian 
by Serena Clarke

Book: Isian #2
Publisher: Red Mountain Shadows 
Pub Date: November 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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War is coming and all the kingdoms must choose a side. Isian decides to make an alliance with their long time enemies in order to defeat a common enemy. So Isian sends a proposal, offering their daughter to the prince, in order to ensure an alliance. 
Princess Gabrielle and her new husband, Prince Alec must learn to work together and trust each other in order to triumph in the approaching war. 
With a mysterious beast attacking the kingdom, their lives in danger, and overcoming their vast cultural differences, will love grow despite their trials or tear them apart?

Enjoy the fantasy, danger, mystery, and romance!

My Review: And right back with the next book! Isian is just great. Isian is smart and with a war coming, Isian has decided to make an alliance. That way the two kingdoms can band together against a common enemy. 

The alliance comes with Princess Gabrielle married off to the prince. Well now they must learn to get along. They need to find a way to make it work and get through this war in one piece. Or face, something other than triumph in this war coming up. 

So kick up the stakes! The couple seem to be getting along, a beast is causing problems in the kingdom, and their lives are in even more danger. So now is the time for them to pull it together or just screw it all and not bother trying. WELL, Serena sure knows how to speed up the pace and make yourself glued to every word. Ugh I loved this couple and wondering if they would have this great romance or just be stuck married. The upcoming war and wondering what the next moments are going to bring. This just made the series even better and I can't wait for more!

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