Oct 13, 2015

Life After

Life After
by Kira Adams

Book: The Infinit Love 

Publisher: Createspace
Pub Date: October 2015
Genre: Young/New Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Book Links: Goodreads  Amazon


Before her. 

I was empty inside. I was lost. I was settling. I had no idea of the potential I had inside of me.

After her. 

I was whole. I was happy. I was in love. She made me better.

I never imagined I would find someone who completed me, just to lose her. I never imagined the love I felt could be overshadowed by the deepest depression I've ever lived through.

It's been two years since she touched my life. Since she was taken from me. I don't know that I'll ever experience an ounce of the love she made me feel. I hope I'm wrong.

My name is Topher, and this is my story

My Review: Gosh I loved this book! I've been reading a bunch of books by Kira, and her books never let me down. There is always something that grabs at you, keeps you glued, and knows how to give you the best feels. (:

Anywho... I just felt for Topher. He's just this guy who's had it rough and is just hoping that one day things can get better. You can feel what he's going through and your just hoping someone would come into the picture. Then here comes Destiny, a girl who also has had it tough. But, she hides it. She is tough and is able to come across as everything is fine. 

Topher didn't know what would happen between them, but he went for it and started to really fall for Destiny. So Destiny lets him see this whole other side of her, which I loved. You really get to know Destiny, then you get to read about these two become close and have something amazing happen. It was great to see Topher doing better, he's seeing things a lot better and is becoming happy. 

However, Destiny isn't sure what to do. She wants him, but because of her life situation, it could put him in trouble. She is connected to drugs and nothing good is coming from it. She needs to come up with money or she will be the payment. Now that is something that Topher shouldn't be involved in. But love is love. Its something strong, amazing, and you would do anything for the one you love. 

So Topher pushes, and Destiny wants him. But can things work out between them or will the danger level be too high....But let me tell you. Get the tissues ready. This is one emotional roller coaster. Kira has done it again, and I can't wait to read her next book!

My Rating:
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