Oct 29, 2015

Our Kinda Love

Our Kinda Love
by Deanna Eshler

Book: What Kinda Love #2
Publisher: Deanna Eshler
Pub Date: September 2015
Genre: New Adult
Format: eBok
Source: Author
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Have you ever met a girl who refuses to filter her words or actions, for anyone? Well, that’s me, Keegan Hughes. I make no apologies for I am… but my friends sometimes do.

Have you ever met a guy who’s hyperactive and slightly delusional, yet still extremely hot? Well, that’s the man-child, Adrian Elliott, who is living next door to me for the next two semesters. He never makes apologies either, because when you have the attention span of a kitten on crack, it’s hard to remember who you’ve offended.

Adrian is very different from my usual type, so I thought it would be easy to ignore my new neighbor. Unfortunately, my quirky personality has become his new entertainment. After several encounters that left me confused, but more attracted to him, I almost look forward to his unpredictable antics.

In need of help, Adrian shares with me the nightmare his father has, and still is, putting him through. He then makes a proposal that could benefit us both. Unable to resist his plea, I cautiously agree. I was not prepared for his medication-worthy jealousy, or my ridiculous obsessive thoughts about him.

I warned him from the beginning of this game that I’ll leave when I’m done, regardless of feelings. My future is not filled with kids, boring routines, or picket fences, white or any other color. My future is not even in this country. As long as we both understand this from the beginning, no one will get hurt, right?

My Review: First off, I loved Keegan. I love that she is who she is. Lives how she wants to and thats just the way it is. I related  a lot in that sense. I've always done things my way and well that is just how it goes and its a deal with it or don't bother to know me.

Then you have Adrian. Hes cute, has similar traits, and a man child. He is different, yet Keegan has become his new entertainment. So much for ignoring him like she planned. 

Throw them together and you got a beautiful mess that turn out into something just plain beautiful. 

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