Dec 12, 2015

Claire Voyant

Claire Voyant
by Rebeckah K. Davis

Book: The Claire Voyant Series #1
Publisher: Rebeckah K. Davis
Pub Date: September 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Claire Voyant has plans when she turns eighteen. She wants to change her name and go off to college, being as normal as possible. But when her grandmother mysteriously dies, Claire learns that her name wasn’t some sort of practical joke, but a clue to the magic her future holds. 

Suddenly she is surrounded by ghosts, realizing that her calling, before she even knew it, was to help lost spirits. But one spirit wants to cause trouble for Claire and until she figures out how to control her gift, he might just take her life. 

My Review: Claire doesnt like her name. Wants it changed. Go to college and finally have a normal life. However, her plans don't go exactly as planned. Sadly her grandmother dies, and then she learns of her gift.  A ghost shows up and finds out that she is a medium. Yeah, it would be nice if she had more time to figure out her gift and understand it more. But nope, the ghost came along, but lucky for her, the ghost helps her learn her gift. 

Claire has no idea what she is about to dive into. Can she handle this? Will she just give up and attempt to get her shot at a normal life? Well.....Claire ends up going all in. She will face a lot along the way. Good thing this ghost is kind enough to help her, while she helps them back. This will never be completely easy or safe, but as the book goes on, Claire gets better at this. She has become stronger, slowly embracing this gift and eventually it will be slightly easier. Heck, she may even manage to sneak in a normal life inbetween helping ghosts. 

Now this was a different read for me. Its not my first ghost story, but this one did bring a bunch of twists I didn't expect. The story was great and brings a new view on mediums and ghosts. Sorta of has some modern twists in it, so that made it pretty cool. Overall, I'm looking forward to reading more from the author and see just how well Claire can grow into her gift. 

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