Dec 21, 2015

Rebel Song

Rebel Song
by Amanda Clay

Book: Rebel Song #1

Publisher: Amanda Clay
Pub Date: November 2014
Genre: New Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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The once prosperous European kingdom of Arelanda has been plagued with poverty and corruption since the failed rebellion tore it apart. Now, rebels stir again in the capital’s underbelly, vowing to depose the monarchy and overturn the unjust government.

Seventeen-year-old Rogan Elwood, son of a rebel leader executed for treason after the first rebellion, has borne a tainted legacy his entire life. As he is pulled deeper into conflict, Rogan must face his calling in the future of the rebel cause—waging his want for peace against his desire for vengeance. Everything changes when he falls for Elyra—beautiful, idealistic and determined to bring Arelanda a better future. She also just happens to be next in line to the throne—if the corrupt Minister General doesn’t beat her to it.

Caught in the midst of a budding civil war and surrounded by enemies on every side, Elyra and Rogan must fight to save themselves and their country—and choose between each other and their duty.

My Review: This is a must read. Full of surprises and romance and just everything you want in a great read!

Okay so, Rogan is part of a legacy. He needs to lead the rebels and follow the cause. But he gets pulled deeper into other things, and the conflict is just getting tougher. He wants peace, rather than vengeance. It's great that he just wants things to get better, but not everyone may see his way.

Then there's Elyra, next in line for the throne and she also wants the Arelanda to have a better future. Once she meets Rogan, then you can see just where things will go. They both want a better future, both face danger, and hopefully they can stay together and truly create a better future.

The civil war and enemies are all around them. There are points where you will be grabbing the edge of your seat and well who doesn't love a great moment like that?  I loved every page of this book and its so worth the read. I can't wait for the next book!

My Rating: