Jan 10, 2016

Salem's Legacy

Salem's Legacy
by Aaron Galvin

Book: Vengeance Trilogy #3
Publisher: Aaron Galvin
Pub Date: September 2015
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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History is the story of events, with praise or blame.
Rebecca Kelly believes in the latter.

After months of traipsing through the wilderness, she and her companions arrive in colonial Boston to bring vengeance against those aiding in the deaths of their loved ones.

When Rebecca finds the city a foreign hunting ground littered with spies, fate forces her to align with strangers. Questioning identities, motives, and loyalties, she discovers the plots that began in Salem stretch further than anyone could have imagined…and it will be her actions which determine whether history attributes praise or blame to the true masterminds of Salem’s legacy.

My Review: I'm back with the next book!

The history is amazing, and the details are on point as usual. Anywho, Rebecca and her friends arrive at Boston. They have come to bring vengeance to those who deserve it. However, she finds out the city isn't what she thought. Its full of people that just make it a hunting ground. And well, Rebecca is a little thrown, but she will soon align with these people. She hasn't a clue about how things will go. This isn't what she planned on, and yet everything will work out. And Rebecca will see a new side to things.

Maybe history isn't all that it seems. Maybe having an alliance with strangers, questions things, just brings a new life to things. Either way, all this has helped Rebecca learn, and she just became a better person.

I enjoyed this book. I haven't found a book by the author that I haven't liked yet. So lets see what Aaron can write up next!

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