Feb 20, 2016

Beyond the Fence

Beyond the Fence
by Jen Minkman

Book: The Dartmoor Chronicles #1
Publisher: Dutch Venture Publishing
Pub Date: September 2015
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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"People turn their heads when I walk past them. They know where I’m going. My feet almost stumble on the uneven pavement of the cobblestoned street when I sense Mark’s gaze on me. This is the only time he takes notice of me, and it’s for a reason I wish didn’t exist. All the other times I want him to see me, his eyes skip right over me. I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothes to these people. A potential threat.

I already know what will happen once I get to the Clinic. I’ll have to talk to that clueless psychiatrist so he can measure my possibly violent tendencies. Because that stigma has been on me ever since I turned twelve and the person I loved most in the whole wide world was Purged from this city.
My name is Sarah, and my father was a violence offender."

Return to the world of the Island series and meet Sarah, resident of Dartmoor City. She's bitter, she feels trapped, and she wants nothing more than to venture beyond the fence that's keeping her in. She just has no idea how to. But when she discovers a secret that President Jacob would rather keep under wraps, Sarah is forced to make a move for freedom - because she meets a guy who is even more of a prisoner than she is, and he desperately needs her help.

My Review: Sarah is walking her way to the clinic. Everyone knows where she's going and why. Sarah might have some violence issue, all because of who she loved the most was purged from the city. Her dad a violence defender. So I guess it must run in the family? Its not what you may think though, Sarah is really a decent person. She just can't stand being confined behind the fence. She wants to just be free, to go beyond the fence. Going beyond would mean so much to her, yet how can she get beyond the fence?

Well Sarah has a good mind. And she stumbles upon a secret. A secret that just pushes her to seek freedom even more. She isn't the only one with these feelings. Not the only one who feels trapped and dreams of escaping. She meets a guy who wants freedom just as bad. So together they will help each other. Find a way to escape. Be free, happy, and venture into a new life.

Eeeeeep. I just loved this. Jen has written up a new series to fall in love with. This series is great for those who have already read the Island series. 

Another great book by Jen. Can't wait to read more.

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