Feb 16, 2016

Lost Soul

Lost Soul
by Kellie McAllen

Book: Soulmate Series #3
Publisher: Loungchair
Pub Date: January 2016
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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The stunning conclusion to The Soulmate Series!

Just because you're soulmates doesn't mean you're meant to be together.

Michael fell in love with Jessica the moment he laid eyes on her and he has made it his mission to protect her, He was born to be a guardian after all, just not hers.

He's always had a habit of thinking with his heart instead of his head, so when his destiny calls, Michael struggles to choose between what his heart wants and what duty demands. But how could leaving his soulmate ever be the right choice?

My Review: I'm back with the final book, and I can't believe its ending.

If you're soulmates, it's hard to believe that you aren't meant to be together. You're supposed to be with your soulmate forever, yet Michael has a very hard choice to make. He is meant to protect people, unfortunately, Jessica isn't one of them. He loves her so, and always wants to be at her side. So can he deny his heart and do his job, or will things go the other way? 

They make their own choices. In so many ways, they seem like a real life couple. Which just makes this story even better. So many chances are given, the ending was something I didn't expect. The details and emotion are done perfectly. You'll get all the feels and will be glued to the pages just to see if the love of a soulmate can beat anything. 

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