Feb 19, 2016

Second Nature

Second Nature
by Lauren Kuzimski

Book: #1
Pub Date: January 2016
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Fae had spent the entirety of her life training to protect her Queen. 

Jace had spent the majority of his life trying to kill all the Queens. 

In a world separated by realms and each realm ruled by a Queen, only the Queens are supposed to be masters of the elements: earth, wind, water, fire, light, dark. 

One hundred years ago though a different group of elementals rose up and challenged the Queens. While the conflict had been long and not without cost, the secondary elemental group eventually was defeated and banished. However, that doesn’t change the fact Fae, a fire elemental given a second chance, has trained her entire life to hunt and kill other elementals in the name of her Queen. 

When it's discovered the group that was banished is returning, Fae finds herself having no choice but to team up with the exiled earth elemental in hopes of stopping the rest. 

With their world threatened, Fae fights for a chance to live free of the life she was born to, and Jace, the earth elemental, fights for a chance to redeem himself for those hundred years ago. 

My Review: I loved this book. I'm a sucker for books with elementals. But I've also come across a lot that sound similar to others, or I just plain didn't like. Not the case with this book though, its got its own take and its a refreshing read for me.

So Fae has trained to protect her Queen. Jace as trained to kill Queens. Only the Queens can master the elements. There are separate worlds, and things should be okay. However a war broke out and the queens fought. The second elemental group was destroyed. However, they have decided to come back from their banishment. While they make their way, Fae and Jace will need to team up. They need to come up with a plan, work together, and hope to get rid of this elemental group. 

For Fae, it was what she was trained to do. For Jace, he's trying to make up for what happened a long time ago.  The details are done nicely. The pace is great, keeps you hooked from start to finish. I loved this book and can't wait to read more from this author.

Worth the read and a new author to watch!

My Rating:

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