Feb 25, 2016

Sophie and the Cowboy

Sophie and the Cowboy
by Mysti Parker

Book: Magic Massage Series #1
Publisher: Mysti Parker
Pub Date: February 2016
Genre: Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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**This is a short EROTIC story, not for young readers!**

Clint has been running a ranch by himself since his father’s death. It’s backbreaking work. He needs something to loosen up his sore, tense muscles before his wedding, though massages aren’t the manliest thing he’s ever done. Thanks to a gift card he got at the bachelor party, he decides to give it a shot. He doesn’t know what to expect, but once he meets Sophie, he realizes she’s a lot more than meets the eye. What she gives him is no ordinary massage, but a hefty dose of reality and a full-body feast of pleasures he never knew existed.

My Review: This was a lovely quick read. Great for taking a break from your usual genre. Though make sure you're good with this genre. Erotica is not for everyone.

Anywho, Clint keeps busy running the farm since his dad passed. He's tired, his body is exhausted from all the work, and he needs a break before his wedding.

So Clint goes to get a massage, where he then meets Sophie. Only, this is no ordinary massage. Nope, its one of those fun massages where we focus way more  than just the back. Clint wasn't expecting this, but after what Sophie did, he isn't exactly hating this experience. Not only did she help give his muscles relief, but gave him just what he needed. 

This book is hot, and worth the read. Mysti is great at writing any style.

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