Feb 17, 2016

What I Did for Love

What I Did for Love
by MG Wood

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Small Talk Press
Pub Date: June 2015
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Three people. Two choices. One disaster... 

Jim Meade is 30, single, unfulfilled at work and firmly under the perfectly manicured thumb of his monstrous mother Sylvia. 

He’s also one half of west London’s least requested pub band – the other is his outrageous best friend Eric Chapman. 

Jim can feel his life stagnating, slowly, in front of him. 

But everything changes the day he meets the gorgeous, funny, Isabel Bradley. They hit it off instantly. Within a week, she’s moved into his flat. Within a month, they've big news. 

But how will it go down with the matriarchal and desperately needy Sylvia? Especially when she’s harbouring dark secrets of her own. And how will Eric adapt to his closest friend’s changed circumstances? Not in the way anyone imagines. 

Jim will find himself torn in all directions. But by trying to please everyone, will he end up losing them all? 

What I Did For Love… is a romantic comedy about pride, attachment, betrayal and dysfunction. Of every kind.

My Review: This was a fun read. Its got a mix of everything, and a good book to read when you need a break from your usual genres. 

Jim's life doesn't seem to exciting. He's with his mum, 30, not really enjoying his job, and part of a band that no one really cares for. So right now it looks like Jim is in a rut and needs to get out of it. Otherwise this is how it'll be for the rest of his life.

Then Jim meets Isabel. She is lovely, funny, and just plain amazing. She may eve be the one to bring joy to Jim and get him out of this rut he's going through. So they quickly hit it off and move pretty quickly. All within a month, she's moved in and got big news.

Then Jim's mum has her own secrets. Eric has to deal with Jim's new life. Right now those two just want to be needy and have Jim's attention. But Isabel needs his attention too. So how can he figure something out to make everyone happy and not drive him mad? Well sometime you have to learn that you can't please everybody. They will have to go along with his life or accept not having him in it. 

Jim learns many things. Not only is his life not boring anymore, but it's gotten a bit stressful. Yet he manages the situation better than I thought and in the end it turned out much better than I expected. A great read. An author who has got some talent!

My Rating:
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