Mar 1, 2016

Cloud Shifters

Cloud Shifters
by Katie Pottle

Book: Cloud Lands Saga #1

PublisherEllechor Media & Associates, LLC
Pub Date: January 2016
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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High above Earth the young angels of the Cloud Land of Glade are preparing for another school year. For Cadin and his best friend Lep, this means leaving middle school and entering Commons High School where they must choose a Path. 
In a year where they already have to worry about homework and their Auras emerging, a challenge for Warrior Path angels opens to new students for the first time in the history of the Games. Follow Cadin’s journey through this vivid new land as he gathers an unorthodox team of young angels who must earn challenging arm badges as the first step in securing a spot in the Calvarian Games. Along the way, friendships grow and his character is tested as Cadin learns that his unique abilities make him either a weapon or a target in a looming war. 
Which path will he choose? 

My Review: I liked the sound of this book and had to try it out. It turned out much better than I thought. Its a fun book for the middle school group, but really anyone could read it.

Cadin and Lep must leave middle school, and enter high school. Where here they will choose a path. It's going to be a long year for them. There's homework, you know how kids love that (: Then their aruras are emerging, a new path is open to students, and well its a lot more than expected. But these two guys are good and can handle all this. 

Cadin will lead a team of angels. Hoping to secure a spot in the games. He will need to get a hold of his power, to understand it and wield it well. This will make him even great. To a point where he will be good for the world, or he can mean trouble. 

Eitherway, this book was a fun read. A great break between usual reads. Paced well, characters are done well, the story and details are there. So go ahead and pick up a copy. Katie is a good author and worth checking out.

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