Mar 22, 2016

Dare to Love

Dare to Love
S.B. Alexander

Book: Maxwell #3
PublisherS.B. Alexander
Pub Date: Februaruy 2016
Genre: New Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
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Sexy, confident, college playboy, Kelton Maxwell has his future right in the palm of his hands. Women want him. Guys want to be him. And he’s got one foot in the door at Harvard Law. All he needs now is just one prestigious internship at a highfalutin law firm to seal the deal. Nothing can stand in his way.


A blast from the past smacks him right in the face, bringing back memories he tried to forget. Kelton swore he’d never go back--never put himself through that again. He’d rather pledge his allegiance to the devil himself before he drops to his knees to worship a woman—especially her.

He won’t dare to get close
Won’t dare to let her in.
Can’t dare to love.

My Review: Kelton is that guy  that has it all. The looks, brains, girls, and nothing can stand in his way.

Kelton is even making his way to Harvard Law. All he needs is an internship and the deal is sealed. He'll go to school be a great lawyer and have even more to look forward to. He's got everything moving in the rihgt direction and then it takes a surprising hold. 

Lizzie is back. He can't stay away from her, but he probably should. After all he doesn't do love, and refuses to have his heart broken again. But its Lizzie, something about her that makes him want to be around. Maybe this time things can turn out better and perfect. Or it will be a horrid disaster. 

I've been reading all the Maxwell books. You will be sucked in, you are given no choice.  These boys are too amazing to love and not be sucked in. Each one has their own story. The romance, details, the feels, everything is there. 

Kelton story was extra fun to read. Watching him slowly trust and maybe actually love again. Getting a real nice description of his behind is also a big plus. There were many parts that just reached you, grabbed your heart and just felt so hard for him. Though there were moments where he could have used some help with communicating. He wasn't the best, but slowly came around.

I love these books

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