Mar 7, 2016

Over the Dragon Wall

Over the Dragon Wall
by Dennis Montoya

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Dennis Montoya
Pub Date: October 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Print
Source: Author
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A thousand years ago the gods brokered a peace treaty with the dragons to save mankind. As a monument, the magical Dragonwall was built stretching from the Dwarven city of Farreach to the port city of Seareach. Over generations, the great dragon’s stories have turned to myths and the treaty forgotten. The wall’s magic is failing and the call for a hero goes unanswered. 
Oberon a young monk and his friends leave the city of Delvingdeep to answer the riddle of the existence of dragons. No one expected a short cut though a swamp would ever lead them on a heroic adventure over the Dragonwall. 

My Review: Gods and Dragons, and interesting combo. Oddly enough, it works. Dragons were needed to save mankind. They went and did what they needed to do. But after that, they just became stories.

The dragons started to not be needed like before, the wall is falling apart. But there is hope, when Oberon starts on the journey to see the truth bout these dragons. The journey isn't bad, they meet the witch, have some near death experiences. 

However, I did have some issues on the book. I would have liked a little more detail in some areas. Like the ages of the characters. Giving them something to help them along on the journey. They sort of just started going in a direction. Some scenes could have been stronger. It was minor things, but it would have made a huge difference in some areas.

But overall I did like the book. I liked the idea. Its good for High School aged kids. Its worth the read for those of you who like dragons and gods. Want a good adventure. Or just want something different to read. 

My Rating:
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